Boston, MA - When it comes to food selection, staunch regional favoritism has always been a curious thing. To be certain, you probably won’t find chicken and waffles of the same caliber that you’d find in Atlanta anywhere north of the Mason Dixon line; but slide a cup of clam chowder from south of D.C. in front of a native Bostonian and they’ll likely chuckle with the same wan amusement reserved for an awkward school play.

When it comes to pizza, the same sort of mentality not only holds sway; it defines the argument. For years, to proffer that Boston Pizza was on par with that of New York or Chicago would be invariably met with hearty guffaws from residents of either city. And not without good measure, either. For all of our local specialties, street pizza simply has never been anything better than... adequate. Far too adequate.

Apparently, a reader poll conducted by top travel review site TripAdvisor begs to differ after naming the North End institution Pizzeria Regina as the best pizza in the nation for 2018. Yes, a local chain restaurant that has virtually nothing to do with East Boston was named the number one pizzeria in the nation by a reviewer curated site, with one reader stating it is “very reminiscent of pizza I had in Naples and I haven't found anything like it in the U.S. until now."

To be fair, New York does appear twice on the list of top 10 pizzas in the U.S. But so does Nashville. Chicago doesn’t appear at all. Yet cemented safely at number five is… Anchorage, Alaska.

Just for perspective’s sake, an apricot pizza with cream cheese and carrot threads in Alaska was ranked higher than a family run pizzeria in Brooklyn. And to be fair, it’s just as plausible to have a decent slice of pizza in Anchorage as it is to have astounding sushi in Akron. We speak from personal experience. It shouldn’t make sense, but in retrospect it’s perfectly logical. Warranted, even. And to be perfectly fair, there’s a reason why Regina has enjoyed their reputation locally since 1926.

But to have your cherished local culinary hallmark slip to paltry representation of two placements on a national rating site judged by both travelers and peers alike? That can’t possibly be a morale booster.We feel your pain, New York. And Chicago. We really do. And when we find out that a reviewer rated site has decided to name East Lansing as having the best fried clams in the country, please don’t laugh too hard. We didn’t write the review.

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