Boston, Massachusetts - In an interview with the Section 10 Podcast, general manager Dave Dombrowski said that he knew he would not be able to retain all of the stars that currently are on the roster for the Boston Red Sox, but he also acknowledged that starting pitcher Chris Sale was at the top of his list of priorities for players he wanted to re-sign. Well, Dombrowski now has his wish as the twenty-nine year old ace seems primed to be a Boston pitcher for the foreseeable future.

Sale first came to the Red Sox in December 2016 when the team traded a group of prospects to the Chicago White Sox for him and he has been the team's ace ever since. In his two seasons with Boston so far, Sale has a 29-12 win-loss record and two seasons with an earned run average under 3.00. He also has 445 strikeouts in Boston, including 308 in 2017, which led the league. Of course, Sale was also on the mound to strike out Manny Machado in the last inning of the World Series in 2018.

Obviously, a pitcher like that is one a team wants to keep around and the Red Sox did just that with a five year contract extension that's worth 145 million dollars. Sale previously had one year left on his contract, but now he will be with the Red Sox until at least 2024. Additionally, the deal features an opt-out after three years, a no-trade clause, and a potential sixth year in the extension that would be worth twenty million dollars.

In an age of mega deals being signed by players like Bryce Harper and Mike Trout, it was smart for Boston to lock down one of the league's top pitchers for a very reasonable price. Obviously, injuries are a concern with Sale, but Alex Cora seems to know the best way to limit the strain Sale puts on his arm.

During the press conference announcing the contract extension, Sale remarked that he was excited to be in Boston for years to come as he looked forward to his future. We're all excited for that, too!