BOSTON - There are a ton of big stories in Boston sports right now. David Pastrnak is having one of the greatest single seasons of any hockey player right now. Jayson Tatum is beginning to make the leap to superstar level for the Boston Celtics. Tom Brady continues to hem and haw about which team he will play for next season.

Despite all of this star power, however, the story that has most captivated me today is the one about two prospects for the Boston Red Sox, Bobby Dalbec, and Tanner Houck.

First, let's delve into some background about these two players. Dalbec is from Arizona and has played two seasons in the minor league farm system of the Boston Red Sox since he was drafted back in 2016. Dalbec's best claim to fame in the minors is his immense power. He's considered the best slugging prospect the Red Sox have at the moment and there is a chance that he might be on the roster for Opening Day for the Red Sox after he's been making a name for himself in recent play.

As for Houck, he was drafted a year later than Dalbec, but he was also a first-round pick. Hailing from Missouri, Houck also has an outside shot at the Opening Day roster because of the team's need for a pitcher to round out the starting rotation. He has performed well so far during Spring Training.

When these two players were on a standard flight to Japan to play in the Premier 12 Tournament, Dalbec initiated a deal that could certainly be seen as shrewd, if not perhaps a bit short-sighted. As reported by Christopher Smith of MassLive, who interviewed both Dalbec and Houck about the deal, Dalbec offered to trade his middle seat on the flight for Houck's window seat, throwing in two hundred dollars to sweeten the pot.

This offer alone would be enough to make me smile about the rapport between two goofballs in the minor league system. But Houck took it to the next level. Did he keep the two hundred bucks? Did he put it into his savings account? No. When the team landed in Japan, Houck decided to use the money to buy a samurai sword for himself. He then asked for all the players he traveled with to sign the sword as a fun souvenir. More power to you, Tanner Houck.

Image via Wikimedia Commons