BOSTON - Last week, the Boston Red Sox hosted the Toronto Blue Jays for a Tuesday night game at Fenway Park. While they ultimately lost the game 10-4, something much more heartwarming and uplifting was transpiring behind the scenes and in the crowd of Fenway Park.

Four friends from Malden, Massachusetts, Pedro Lugo, Francisco Rios, Sean Wetzonis, and an unnamed acquaintance, were planning to head into the city on Tuesday to take in a baseball game and have a great time hanging out with one another. But then, in an unfortunate turn of events, the aforementioned friend was forced to drop out of the evening’s festivities because of a family emergency. It was Lugo’s idea to give the extra ticket to someone else besides another one of the group’s friends. He wanted to make a difference in someone’s life by providing them with the ticket.

The story has since gone viral, and it's moments like these that remind everyone that baseball can be so much more than just a game.