Boston, MA - The Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-1 this past Sunday, in enemy territory, and it’s time for them to celebrate their victory tomorrow with a championship parade.

The Red Sox beat the Dodgers in Game 5 of the World Series, and the Boston fans couldn’t be happier. To celebrate the victory together, people from all over will gather tomorrow morning in celebration, especially now that the season’s over and the boys are back in town.

Starting tomorrow at 11 a.m., the Red Sox players will be making their way from the Fenway Stadium to the Government Center on duck boats. Mayor Marty Walsh confirmed the giant parade’s meeting time and place on Monday.

The duck boat parade will have approximately 20 to 25 boats lined up and it will leave Fenway Park, head down Boylston Street, and pass Boston Common to City Hall.

All of the men and women operating the duck boats are thrilled to be a part of this experience. According to some operators who have been involved in the parade before, it’s exhilarating. The noise is extremely loud and the celebration is full-force.

This is the fourth World Series that the Red Sox have won in the past fifteen years. It’s a time for them to shine and be proud of it.

There will be many areas of the city blocked off. Parking will not be allowed in these areas and several roads will be closed off. Many city officials are asking all who attend the parade to take public transportation, as it will be near impossible to leave your car anywhere near the parade.

The MBTA will be working all day to accommodate the fans as best they can. Extra staff will be working and extra commuter lines will be operating all day.

City officials are encouraging all parade-goers to not drink in public and to not cause any sort of vandalism. Climbing lampposts and trees are prohibited. Seeing as the parade will be held on Halloween, police officers and other officials are asking all that dress in costume to refrain from wearing fake weapons of any kind, specifically firearms.

Everyone attending is asked to be respectful of the city and to join in on the rally at City Hall Plaza after the event. Tomorrow’s parade will be the city’s 11th celebratory parade hosted since 2002.