BOSTON – I wasn't sure I'd ever write these words, but lo and behold, the red line has finally resumed normal service.

For those of you lucky enough to avoid this debacle, this all began some three months ago on June 11th, when a red line car derailed at JFK/UMass. This derailment crashed into many "signal bungalows" which meant that the green light/red light signals for when a train could keep moving were broken. Thus, the T hired/paid workers overtime to stand in for these lights, which as you can imagine, took significantly longer than it would for the machine.

Since that fateful Tuesday, the red line has been wildly unpredictable. Personally, I have often waited 5-10 minutes at the JFK/UMass stop while on the T, waiting for the green light.

After months of working to fix this issue, the T released this statement on Monday: "We know this has been a trying few months for our Red Line riders. That is why we are pleased to announce the full restoration of service as of September 23. The Red Line is now back to its pre-derailment service levels across the Line - on both the Braintree & Ashmont Branches."

While being stuck at JFK/UMass on a Saturday afternoon for 10 minutes isn't ideal, it's the rush hour commute which was the biggest issue. With trains running too infrequently, and next train time updates unavailable, getting to the station on a weekday morning was a mess. This too, they say, has been fixed. "This means we're back to the standard 28 trains at rush hour running every 4-5 mins, automatic switching, & countdown clocks with real-time predictions," the T wrote in a tweet.

For now, let's enjoy the fact that it's running smoothly, I'm sure the next T debacle is right around the corner...