Boston, MA - A staff member from Needham High School went to the boys’ bathroom, where he found offensive, racist graffiti in plain view.

The staff member reported the “N-word” found in the boys’ bathroom on Thursday, immediately sparking an investigation shortly after. The police were notified and an e-mail was sent out to all parents by Principal Aaron Sicotte.

Sicotte came forward in an interview to assure all students, parents, and local residents that the graffiti was documented and cleaned up in appropriate time. Sicotte also stated that finding the graffiti was not only disappointing but also disheartening.

If any students know any information regarding the matter, they are encouraged to come forward and tell someone they trust about the incident.

This incident is supposedly the fourth reported racist action found at the school in the past year or so. This past December, a student found another racist and homophobic graffiti in a separate boys’ bathroom. Last May, a swastika was found almost directly near the entrance of the school. Information regarding who followed through with these racist actions has not yet been released.

According to Principal Sicotte, who is extremely upset the graffiti, the incident came a day after the school’s annual ‘One Day’ event. This event hosts a variety of workshops where students typically speak about and join in on activities that relate to topics like equality. Many other school officials and students are also extremely upset that the incident happened, and that many similar instances have happened within the past year.

The investigation is still underway. If the police have come to a conclusion as to who sprayed the graffiti, they have not come forward to provide names to the public. Students have not come forward to give any officials any information as of yet.

In recent cases, all information has not been released. The school may decide to keep it a private matter. Suspensions and the probability of getting expelled from Needham High School have not been brought to anyone’s attention via the principal.