BOSTON – Known colloquially as America's First Park, the Boston Common is an iconic location in the beloved capital of Massachusetts. Earlier this year, when the city sold the garage at nearby Winthrop Square, Mayor Marty Walsh announced that the funds were finally going to give Boston the ability to fund the Boston Common renovation, with $28 million devoted to the public space. Last winter, details were scarce on what the renovation would actually entail. Now, we have a bit more of an idea as to how the plans have unfolded, Curbed reports.

To oversee the renovation, Boston's parks and rec department partnered with the "Friends of the Public Garden" to form the Boston Common Master Plan. This group has taken to engaging the public for what the renovation of the Common should entail. Boston-based businesses and residents of the city are encouraged to take this online survey to voice their opinions on renovations for the area.

Additionally, the Boston Common Master Plan is also conducting major social media campaigns to get as many Bostonians involved as possible. On top of all of this, per the organization's official website, there will also be pop-up events coming soon to the city.

The first event was held a week ago, but there are still six more to come. There is one this coming Monday at the Maverick T Station. There will also be an event on August 25 on Newbury Street. The rest of the events will be held in September, at the Frog Pond Movie Night, the Chinatown Lantern Festival, the Roxbury Crossing Station, and the Brewer Fountain on the 6th, 7th, 13th, and 17th, respectively.

The future of the Boston Common is in our hands. This is a wholly unique opportunity to make your voice heard on the future of a Boston institution. Take advantage of it while you can!

Image via Wikimedia Commons / AbhiSuryawanshi