BOSTON – In protest against the current administration's policy for the detention and deportation of immigrants, a group of activists are marching 80 miles from Boston to Dover, New Hampshire. The march is being lead by the Essex County Community Organization in the hopes of promoting immigration reform.

The march kicked off on Monday at 11 a.m. in front of Boston’s federal immigration court, according to the Washington Times. As part of the group’s protest they held a rally prior to the march amid the heat wave that was making its way through the city.

"The people who are trying to survive can't pick which days they want to be out," Pastor Joan MacPherson said of the weather.

The group of roughly 100 activists held a symbolic funeral procession using a small casket to honor the migrant children who lost their lives while being held in detention facilities and during their travels attempting to get into the United States.

Since September, six migrant children have died while in federal custody. Per the Los Angeles Times, most of the children fell ill while being held in the crowded detention centers.

"We're all immigrants. I think treating them as inhuman, locking them up, separating families, it's just terrible. I don't want my country to stand for that," local Kirk Israel shared with NECN.

"Nobody leaves their home unless it's intolerable," shared Rabbi Margie Klein Ronkin. "So many of the immigrants who have come to this country have come because of actions the U.S government that have made it impossible for people live in home countries."

On Monday the activists made their way to Charlestown where they took a break. They are expected to be in Danvers by Tuesday and Newburyport on Wednesday.

At some point the group is planning to meet up with three other groups marching in protest against the current immigration policy.

All of the groups are expected to meet at the Dover, New Hampshire jail on Saturday, following their six day trek, where they will all rally together against the current policy and the mistreatment of immigrants entering the United States at the southern border.

Image via Wikimedia Commons