Boston, MA - Officials over at Massachusetts General Hospital are proposing a one million square foot addition to the already large location. According to the proposal, there will be a written request to ask permission to build this addition, which will house hundreds of single-bed patient rooms.

Mass General’s president, Dr. Peter Slavin, stated in a letter sent out to staff on Tuesday, that this proposed expansion will allow the hospital to keep up with the growing demands of the medical field. It will also allow the staff members at the hospital to keep up with the new medical technologies that regularly come out.

If the proposal goes through, the new addition will house two 12-story towers along with underground parking for patients and visitors. In addition, this area of the hospital will encompass a cancer and heart center. Approximately 450 rooms will result from the expansion for both inpatient and outpatient services. All rooms will be occupied by one patient at a time, no more than that.

Also, if the proposal goes through, the total cost of the expansion will be approximately one billion dollars. Only 20 to 30 percent of the cost will be covered by donors. Massachusetts General understands that they will be responsible for the remainder of the cost to build the expansion and house everything needed in the expansion; the hospital is committed to this long-term project and assure citizens that they will not raise the price of health care to get the proposal to go through.

Right now, Massachusetts General Hospital is known to be a “high cost” hospital, according to the insurance company known as Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Massachusetts. In addition, Mass General is the largest hospital in the state, housing approximately 1,000 operating beds, some single-roomed, some not. With the addition, the hospital will be able to almost double the room that they have to treat patients.

The addition will be located within the footprint of the hospital’s current residence. Another smaller building that is said to be proposed will be located on Blossom Street if all goes well.

If everything is approved, the expansion is said to begin in 2020 and end approximately 6 years later.