Foxborough, MA - I'm not going to beat around the bush or anything here. I am predicting, with complete confidence, that the New England Patriots are going to defeat their rivals, the New York Jets, on Sunday. The Patriots and the Jets have a long history together, but in the past eighteen seasons, the Patriots have unequivocally owned and dominated the AFC East. That does not mean that the Patriots haven't had tough games from time to time and Bill Belichick's game plans often allow for AFC East teams at home to hang tough with the Patriots. But the Jets are just not a good team. They gave up forty-one points to the Buffalo Bills, after all, and the Bills are statistically even worse than the Jets. The Patriots are probably not going to lose this game.

Many Jets fans have been clinging to the hope that their rookie quarterback, Sam Darnold, is going to be one of the next great NFL quarterbacks and while he has shown flashes of brilliance this season, the jury is still out on the future of his career. For this Sunday's game, the rumor currently is that Darnold may not even play for New York, dampening the Jets' hopes even further.

That being said, Tom Brady, the Patriots' quarterback, has also shown up on the injury report for the team and has been limited in practices with what the team is defining as a knee injury. Obviously, with the low levels of talent possessed by this current iteration of the Patriots, they need Brady if they want to be able to compete going forward in the year.

I think Brady is going to play on Sunday, but an injury like that is worth keeping an eye on. If the Patriots can keep the Jets at bay like I expect them to be able to do easily, look for backup quarterback Brian Hoyer to get a few more reps while the team does what is best for Brady's health. Although, I doubt Brady will head to the sidelines very willingly.