Foxborough, MA - This Sunday in the early afternoon games, the New England Patriots will look to avoid falling into a three game deficint in the AFC East as they square off against the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins have looked mightily impressive in the early goings of the season as they are one of three undefeated teams still remaining in the NFL, in addition to the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams. The team has developed a lot of chemistry behind very few marquee playmakers.

And the Patriots have looked quite the opposite. Sitting at an uncharacteristic 1-2, the Patriots are coming off a loss to the Detroit Lions where not one thing went right for them. A bumpy road to the beginning of the 2018 campaign has led to a split among the fans with some immediately panicking and others warning the fanbase to trust the process, especially when it's led by the greatest coach and the greatest quarterback in NFL history, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady.

I predict the Patriots will win simply because of Belichick's ability to tinker swiftly and deftly with the team after seeing what they can bring to the table in September every year and I think everyone is feeling it in the New England locker room that this game is not necessarily a must win, but it is a win that they want, almost need to have.

There are a few wrinkles to this prediction, though. Miami has looked unquestionably like the better team so far in the season and they're still not favored to win. Going into the game with a "nobody believes in us attitude" has proven to be a vulnerability of the Patriot Way.

Additionally, New England still might not have Josh Gordon ready to play on Sunday and they will definitely not have Rex Burkhead, who was just placed on injured reserve with a neck injury. So far, Sony Michel looks incapable of handling a big load so it remains to be seen if the Patriots offense will be able to get past this just yet.

Regardless, it will help for the Patriots to be at home this weekend in what is sure to be a divisional rivalry classic between them and the Dolphins.