Foxborough, MA - When the schedule makers release the slate of games for upcoming NFL seasons, they will not always be successful with the prime time games that they plan. The goal of prime time games is to feature a marquee matchup between two teams who will be of interest to the national public. But sometimes, forces out of the NFL's control make these matchups less than desirable.

Take this week's Monday Night Football game, for example. The Green Bay Packers and the San Francisco 49ers, at the beginning of the season, were two of the favorites to win the NFC. But when the Packers wound up not playing as well as usual and the 49ers lost Jimmy Garoppolo to a knee injury that ended his season, the game suddenly became one fans were, well, less than interested in, to say the least.

However, the schedule makers nailed it with Sunday Night Football this week, as the two best teams in the AFC will be squaring off against each other as our beloved New England Patriots face off against the Kansas City Chiefs.

I believe the Chiefs, along with the Los Angeles Rams, are the two best teams in the entire NFL. If I had to predict a Super Bowl matchup right now, those would be my selections. I do not think the New England Patriots can anticipate as dominant a path to the Super Bowl as they usually carve out for themselves.

That being said, you cannot count out the team that probably has the best odds to finish the season as the AFC favorites, even if the Chiefs hold that title now. Not with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick at the helm.

However, with weapons like Travis Kelce and Kareem Hunt leading the charge and Patrick Mahomes slinging passes instead of Alex Smith, I think the edge has to go to the Chiefs this week. The Patriots are playing at home, though, so this could end up being a statement game for them. It's an interesting season when the Patriots have to prove themselves to the Chiefs, but that's where we are. Look for a very competitive game in what could be an AFC Championship preview.