Boston, MA - Ayanna Pressley stated to the public on Monday that she is in full support of Nancy Pelosi becoming the next speaker of the House. This has resulted after weeks and weeks of in-depth debate regarding whether the House wanted to support Pelosi or a new candidate for the position. Many Democrats, including the 6th District Congressman known as Seth Moulton, had an ongoing debate on the matter.

Pressley included the other women she will be supporting; such women consisted of Barbara Lee for caucus chair and Katherine Clark for vice chair. Pressley stated that it matters greatly who represents formal leadership roles and that the women she is rooting for happen to have very strong track records in such roles. Voters are looking up to these women to make the right decisions, and it seems these women are ready to do the work they set out to do.

Pelosi served, in recent years from 2007 to 2011, as speaker of the House. This time period was when the Democrats made up the majority of the House. Pelosi was the first woman to hold the position as speaker of the House.

In the run for speaker, there were two likely candidates, Pelosi and another. The potential rival gave up their spot, leaving Pelosi to take the lead. This does not mean that Pelosi is in the clear, yet.

The Democrats won the majority of the House back in November elections, claiming 233 seats out of 435. Pelosi will need 218 votes to win the spot as Speaker in the House, but she is leery on how the Republicans will vote when the time comes.

In addition to Pressley supporting Pelosi, District Congressman Joe Kennedy III will join in on Pelosi’s team. He stated on public record that he does not think Pelosi will be upset and act against Moulton for not voting for her, especially considering Moulton is a friend.

This upcoming Wednesday, Democrats will vote for which they’d like as their leaders. The full House of Representatives will cast their votes next year when they gather all members together.