Boston, MA - Now that 2019 has begun, presidential candidates are preparing for a highly anticipated showdown which could have more hopefuls on the campaign trail than ever before. And, in the process of all this political stuff getting put back into action, Donald Trump saw fit to come forth and comment on Elizabeth Warren’s upcoming presidential campaign. According to reporters, Trump has stated that he’d, “love to run against” her in the 2020 race.

This past Monday, December 31, 2018, Senator Elizabeth Warren came forward to announce her official campaign almost immediately after she had formed her exploratory committee.

In response to her announcement, President Donald Trump had stated that he would love to run against her, but also stated some other pleasant remarks. According to Fox News, Trump wishes Warren well and hopes she has a good race in next years’ presidential battle. This was all stated Monday night, after Warren’s announcement.

Back in 2016, when his first campaign went viral, he started to call Senator Warren “Pocahontas.” The reasoning behind this was because Warren had stated that she came from a Native American background, and supposedly, Trump did not believe this to be true. Trump even went as far as to say that Warren did a bad job at showing America proof of her Native American ancestry.

Many reporters went as far as to ask Trump this past Monday if he thinks it’s at all possible for Elizabeth Warren to win the 2020 election. To that, he responded with, “…I don’t know, you’d have to ask her psychiatrist.”

We’ll get to see what’s to come for the two 2020 presidential candidates.

Will Trump be in office for one more term? Will Warren become the first female president to lead the nation? Or, will the seat be taken by someone else entirely?