Foxborough, MA– Do you want your baby to be successful? Like, New-England-Patriots-nine-Super-Bowl-appearances-in-the-past 18 years successful? Then how about naming your little one after one of the greats. There's Thomas, there's Julian, there's Robert... all of which are on the top 50 baby names in Massachusetts in 2018.

Is this big news for the players? Well, New England Patriots players have been busy, showing up at public events and generally getting into summer mode. It was recently Julian Edelman’s birthday, for example, and with that news compounding that of his new two-year contract extension, many Patriots players came out in full to joke around and congratulate Edelman. And right around his birthday, the Social Security Administration published the baby name data for 2018 (link requires you to select "Massachusetts" to see state data).

It was revealed that the name Julian is the twenty-third most popular name in Massachusetts. The reigning Super Bowl MVP was not alone in his presence on this list, however, as the name Thomas actually ranked as the sixteenth most popular baby name in Massachusetts. Obviously, not everyone in New England who had a kid named Thomas was necessarily consciously thinking of Tom Brady, but I am willing to bet that more often than not, the greatest of all-time was an influence on parents' name selections.

Robert tops out the top 50. Again, a common enough name, and not necessarily correlated but with a goof like Rob Gronkowski sporting the name, it's no wonder that it's a popular name for fun-loving babies everywhere.

A further consideration: if the kids named Thomas end up taking after the veteran quarterback, then there is probably a strong chance that they will not like the taste of strawberries, or perhaps even be allergic to them. A lot has been made of Brady’s diet over the years, especially as he continues to maintain his peak performance into his forties. One of the laughable elements of his nutrition has been the fact that he refuses to eat strawberries. With the aforementioned social media fun, Brady joked about his own aversion to the fruit on Twitter recently.

James Holzhauer has been dominating Jeopardy! and Brady took notice, saying that if he lost the game show, he would eat a strawberry. A later tweet confirmed that TB12 was safe for another day.

We’ll get him to eat that strawberry one day.