Boston, MA– These days, it's all about the selfie. Tourists travel to exotic locations just so they can post evidence of their adventures on Instagram. Structures are built for the very purpose of providing an interesting selfie backdrop. Extreme Instagrammers are willing to take huge risks for the perfect selfie, leading to numerous selfie fatalities.

If you (or your kids) are all about Instagrammable photos, but don’t want to risk your life getting that pic, there is a pop-up experience coming to Boston that you should check out. Happy Place offers visitors a chance to capture the perfect photo inside of “larger than life size installations” and “multi-sensory immersive rooms.”

Some of the eye-popping backdrops at Happy Place include a pair of giant 7-foot high heels made of candy, the self-described “world’s largest indoor Confetti Dome,” and a bathtub full of yellow rubber ducks, among other colorful settings.

Happy Place says of their raison d'être: “Because we believe that our world today can use a lot more happiness.To make this dream come true, we set out on a journey to create a special place where anyone who walks in is surrounded by all things happy!”

Founder Jared Paul said to the Boston Globe: “I mainly created Happy Place because I’m a father of three who loves to do neat things with my children, things that are unique and have a wow factor. I really wanted to do something that was positive, and what do people need? They need happiness.”

The website says that visits will take about an hour, and staff are available throughout the exhibit to help you take your photos. There are edible treats in some rooms, complimentary with your ticket purchase. With a history of sold-out stops in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Chicago, Happy Place is sure to attract a big crowd in Boston.

Happy Place will be open from April 5 through June 2 at 500 Boylston Street (where Marshall’s used to be). Reserve your tickets in advance. Kids age 3 and under are free!