BOSTON - Since returning to Boston after being shot in the Domincan Republic on Sunday, David Ortiz has been improving steadily. The police investigation into who shot him and why, however, is growing increasingly more complicated and sinister than authorities initially suspected.

First reports from the Ortiz shooting claimed that Ortiz was shot during a robbery attempt gone wrong. However, once video footage of the incident was leaked and more details came forward, it became increasingly clear that this was no robbery. It looked like something akin to an assassination attempt.

During a press conference yesterday, authorities presented what they knew so far. The shooting, they said, was organized by a group of seven men who were to be paid eight thousand dollars for the hit. The actual event was orchestrated by two men on motorcycles who did the shooting, while the other men waited nearby in getaway vehicles. One suspect, as initially detailed, was in custody after a group of people apprehended and assaulted him. Another recently confessed to being the true shooter, according to the police press conference.

So far, six of the people have been arrested, while one remains at large. The police have yet to determine who ordered the hit, or what their motive may have been. And while rumors have swirled about possible motives, due to the request by Ortiz's family to respect their privacy, I'm going to honor that and not comment on these rumors. Because that's what they are: rumors.  The important thing is that Ortiz is alive and on the mend, and all in Boston continue to hope for his speedy recovery.

Image via Flickr / Keith Allison