Amesbury, MA - This past Tuesday, an Amesbury, Massachusetts police officer went in front of a judge for allegedly beating his 14-year-old son.

Amesbury officer, Larry Bybee, was charged with not one, but two counts of assault and battery on his own his child, a boy with autism. The Essex District Attorney’s Office has stated that Bybee is no longer allowed to see his children as a result of the incident.

According to court officials and court documents, the incident occurred on June 13th and was reported the next day to the New Hampshire Division of Children, Youth and Families. This protection bureau was alerted due to the fact that the son lives with his mother, Bybee’s ex-wife, in New Hampshire. Half of the time, Bybee’s son is with him, the other half of the time, he is with his mother.

Once the incident was out to the public, NBC10’s Boston reached out to the child’s mother. After she picked up the phone and answered a few questions, she stated that she was, “at a loss for words,” regarding the horrible situation that terrified her child.

Sources say that Bybee was drunk when he swung at his son. Court documents state that the autistic son had a bloody nose due to the hit. After the blood was dripping down his face, the boy went into the bathroom to clean up, sources assume.
Unfortunately, Bybee then allegedly followed his son into the bathroom, and continued to beat his child. Officials state that Bybee shoved his son’s head against the wall a total of three times.

Bybee’s neighbor was interviewed shortly after, stating that she was scared. The neighbor, Rose Elyse, also stated she could not trust Bybee any longer, and claimed that he cannot protect the children of their streets if he can do such an awful thing to his own son.

The son told court officials that the incident started over a milk container. That’s when the unfortunate alleged swearing started to happen, along with his father’s horrid ability to make fun of his son’s speech impediment.