Boston, MA - Police are still in search of the three men who took the Paddy O’s doorman into the bathroom and beat him back on August 19, 2018. According to reports, these three men dragged the doorman to the bathroom and gave him a savage beating. The bar is located at 33 Union Street. The victim was found with a plethora of potential permanent scars.

At approximately a quarter past one in the morning on August 19, a man went up to the doorman at Paddy O’s and stated there was someone very sick in the bathroom. The doorman continued to go check on the sick person and found himself cornered. The second the doorman entered the bathroom, the man who stated there was someone sick in there closed the door shut while he watched another man turn the lights off. The second man started smashing the doorman in the face with a bottle and continued to punch him in the face. All three men involved in the incident then ran out of the bar as fast as they could.

According to a detective investigating the incident, the doorman had to get 17 stitches on his face and 2 on his arm. There are many probably permanent scars.

Police have yet to gain a lead on the case. According to the reports, the doorman did not know any of the men who attacked him. According to the manager, the three men came into the bar about an hour and a half earlier and had caused no problems. They had not been regulars at the bar.

Police officials do have good surveillance on the man that summoned the doorman into the bathroom, but as of yet, they are not able to match any of the credit card receipts to him.

As a result of this, the bar owner has now made it a rule that the bar workers cannot go into the bathroom unless accompanied by another worker if summoned by a sick person. Inspections of the bathroom will be done regularly.

If you know any necessary information, the police are encouraging all voices, anonymous or not, to come forward.