WORCESTER – As seems to be tradition in Boston, the autumn season did not officially kick off on the autumnal equinox on September 23. The official start of fall, as far as Boston is concerned, is when Dunkin' (Donuts) brings back its classic fall-exclusive flavors and introduces some new ones.

But Dunkin' has become such a recognizable brand, not only nationwide, but also globally. It's almost as if the identity of the classic Boston quick service has been made malleable by the world and it is no longer quintessentially us.

Enter: Polar Seltzer, a popular beverage company based out of Worcester, Massachusetts that has been ubiquitous ever since its introduction. If Dunkin' gets decide when the fall season starts, then the privilege of determining winter's beginning belongs to Polar (unless you are strong advocate for Hood eggnog).

And this year winter is coming early, because Polar has already announced its annual lineup for winter edition drinks. I've ranked them subjectively by how delicious they sound.

5. Ginger Peach - Look, I get it. Ginger Peach is an excellent seltzer flavor to introduce for the wintertime. I just don't like the flavor of ginger on its own and pairing it with peach does not get me too excited.

4. Blood Orange Sangria - This particular Polar flavor certainly seems like it has the potential to taste good. If it was summer. I'm just not feeling the citrus vibes as a good outlet for wintry feelings.

3. Blackberry Clementine - I feel quite ambivalent about this new seltzer flavor. On the one hand, it has become a perennial favorite among Polar fans. On the other hand, pairing a tart fruit with another tart fruit has never been ideal for me.

2. Berry Sweet Grapefruit - By all accounts, this new flavor has a lot in common with the taste of jam. And just the word "jam" puts me in an indoorsy kind of mood. I bet this will be received the most kindly by the public.

1. Pink Lady Apple and Lemon - This is where it's at, though! If you're a seltzer fan, you can't go wrong with the pairing of one of the best types of apples with a lemony flavor that will blend summer and winter moods perfectly.

Image via Flickr / Mike Mozart