Boston, MA - The infamous strip club known as the Foxy Lady, located in Providence, RI, has recently been shut down due to an alleged prostitution investigation. This well-known strip club has people visit from throughout New England when they’re in the area, and it’s been quite the place for quite some time. The recent allegations didn’t stop the owners of the joint from getting in the Christmas spirit this holiday season.

This past weekend, the owners of the Foxy Lady decided to gather together and host a Christmas toy drive for their workers’ children, seeing as they’ll be shut down for a while.

After all was said and done, the owners piled together almost $3,000 worth of toys. In addition, they held a toy drive at a nearby bar over the holiday weekend to gather even more toys.

The owners of this strip club stated in an interview that they wanted to make sure that the 200 full-time employees they had working for them didn’t have trouble providing for their kids this holiday season. In addition, they said that they wanted to take care of any stress and worry among their additional 200 independent dancers by gathering toys for their children.

The host of the Foxy Lady, Kayla Matarese, came forward to say that the toy drive really did help her during this difficult time, but some online believe the move was publicity stunt aimed at drawing attention away from the investigation.

Earlier this month, the Providence Board of Licenses had revoked the Foxy Lady’s business license. According to reports, three of the dancers working for the Foxy Lady had been arrested for allegedly offering sexual favors for cash to customers and non-customers. The club was then closed and put under investigation immediately.

No word has been released as to how long the investigation will take place.