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Pilot Program for Body Cameras on Massachusetts State Police

Pilot Program for Body Cameras on Massachusetts State Police

Boston, MA - Superintendent of the Massachusetts State Police, Colonel Kerry A. Gilpin, announced that a new pilot program involving body cameras for state police officers would be going into effect soon. This information was provided to all officers via a written statement.

According to the announcement, the new pilot program will run for approximately six months with one hundred troopers involved. The program will include different types of cameras from several different vendors as an experimentation mechanism; this will allow Gilpin and her team to select the best camera solution for after the pilot program ends.

The implementation of this new pilot program will allow the Massachusetts State Police Department to see all interactions between troopers and the public. Also, the new system will increase the officer’s safety while on the job and allow troopers to document all instances accurately.

After Gilpin and her team had come up with the idea to have a pilot program for body cameras, they needed to get support on their side; in turn, the State Police Association of Massachusetts (SPAM) agreed to back the program. The Massachusetts State Police Department and SPAM teamed up to sign an MOU last week to ensure the agreement.

After the program was announced publicly on Monday, Gilpin followed up her written statement by claiming that the program will take approximately two weeks to be in full effect, as it will take the two weeks to get the one hundred troopers their appropriate cameras.

This is not the only program Gilpin has implemented over the past few months, though. According to officials, she has also added the following:

-          Quarterly audits of the top earners in the department to ensure troopers are adhering to policies

-          Installation of locator systems in troopers patrol cruisers for safety assurance

Other programs are in the works, too. Gilpin plans to make the Massachusetts State Police Department as safe as can be with troopers who are willing to make the department and community a better place all around.