Boston, MA - A Philadelphia Eagles fan that lives in Massachusetts recently purchased an electronic billboard ad claiming this year’s victory at the Super Bowl in February. It’s located on Route 1 right near Gillette Stadium for all New England Patriots fans to see.

What was the Philadelphia Eagles fans’ point in doing this? Her point was to make it known that the Eagles dominated the Patriots this year, and just in time for the preseason game this Thursday between the two teams.

The billboard went live on Monday, and it will run for four weeks. Though it is a revolving ad that shares a spot with five other ads, it will still have its glory.
Now, what’s the reasoning behind this situation? It all started when Eagles’ fan Gina Lewis bet a co-worker that if she got a grand total of 4,100 likes and 3,300 retweets on her post on Twitter regarding the situation, the Patriots fan and co-worker would pay to put a picture on a billboard of Tom Brady fumbling the ball in this year’s Super Bowl. Lewis’ tweet had thousands of more likes and thousands of more retweets than she originally predicted. Though it is still unclear if the co-worker paid his part or not, Lewis still went ahead to make sure the billboard happened.

If you drive by Route 1 on Gillette Stadium, you’ll see an image of Tom Brady getting sacked on one side and Nick Foles, Eagles’ quarterback, catching the Lombardi trophy. And, instead of each player having their own personal jersey numbers on their back and chest, they have the end score of this year’s Super Bowl game.

Originally, the text to be presented on the billboard was going to be, “No one likes us and we don’t care!” However, after conflicts on the billboard companies hands, Lewis had to change the message to be displayed to, “Go Birds, World Champs!”
I guess now we have to see how the Patriots’ fans will handle the billboard being near their home field. I think it’s safe to say they aren’t very fond of it.