BOSTON – People who are already wary about traveling long distances on buses should probably avoid this article. Here's one more reason why buses are the worst.

On Sunday August 4th, a little before four o'clock in the afternoon, the Connecticut State Police had an incoming call from a woman who claimed she was locked in the luggage compartment of the bus with no way of getting out of Peter Pan bus, traveling to Boston from New York. Fortunately, the woman obviously still had her cell phone on her person. The 911 call came when the bus was on I-84, and the police promptly sprung into action.

They pulled over the bus in Union, CT and arrested the driver, 49-year-old Wendy Alberty. The Boston Globe reported that Alberty is charged with "reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint." Per the police report in Connecticut, the woman was retrieving luggage when Alberty locked her into the luggage compartment and unconscionably began driving the bus on the highway.

As for Alberty, her bail is currently set at two thousand dollars and she is expected to make a court appearance for the charges on August 21.

When the bus was pulled over, the woman, who has remained nameless, was found without injury in the compartment. Obviously, that is very good news, but it could have been a much worse outcome. She could have been riding in the luggage compartment of the (now-defunct) Fung Wah. The stories of the Fung Wah are the stuff of legend, and probably the reason why so many continue to avoid the NYC-Boston bus routes.

In all seriousness, I wonder if this woman will get her ticket refunded. What's the Peter Pan policy on refunds for being shoved into the luggage compartment? So far, no comment from Peter Pan Bus Lines.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Adam E. Moreira