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Peter Faneuil Was A Slave Owner; Group Protests Faneuil Hall's Name

Peter Faneuil Was A Slave Owner; Group Protests Faneuil Hall's Name

Boston, MA - The New Democracy Coalition has stated that they do not approve of Faneuil Hall’s name. They plan to request a change and expect their request to make the hall’s name more fitting.

The group known as the New Democracy Coalition is very hurt, and rather upset, at the fact that Faneuil Hall’s name is Faneuil Hall. The group urges and aims to change the name by planning a sit-in at the Quincy Marketplace this Sunday. The sit-
in will start at approximately 2:45 P.M.

What is the reason the New Democracy Coalition wants to change the name so badly? The answer to that question is because of the building’s namesake. Faneuil Hall was named after a man named Peter Faneuil. This man was a slave owner and a slave trader, making him not the best person to name a famous marketplace after. Due to his horrible reputation, the New Democracy Coalition sees it unfitting to keep the name as Faneuil Hall.

The sit-in that will take place on Sunday is going to be organized just as the Civil Rights Movement was organized, which means boycotters will be holding signs and singing specific Freedom songs.

Instead of having the hall named after Peter Faneuil, the coalition would like the name to be reconsidered and possibly changed to honor a man like Crispus Attucks. Crispus Attucks was the first African American man to be murdered in the American Revolution years ago.

Mayor Marty Walsh has not said anything on the sit-in matter that is scheduled for Sunday just yet, but he has, in the past, commented on the topic of changing the name. According to Mayor Walsh, he does not want to approve of the name change. Instead, he would like to figure out a way where all surrounding citizens acknowledge history. In other words, he wants people to know and understand history, not change it. He stated in a previous interview that we may not be able to erase history, but we sure can learn from it.

All we can do now is wait and see the result of the sit-in. After media coverage and news coverage is leaked, we’ll have a better understanding of what direction this request will officially go in.