SOMERVILLE - Is there any better feeling than discovering a favorite spot to eat, whether it's a quick service place or a full-service restaurant? All of that searching and tasting to find your number one restaurant can finally stop because your taste buds have made a grand and miraculous connection! The only thing better than that feeling is finding out that the pop-up restaurant you adore ever so much is actually here to stay.

That's just the feeling the most devoted fans of Perillas received this past week when it was announced that one of the most popular pop-up spots for quick Korean dining was carving out a permanent niche for itself at Bow Market in Somerville. Yes, that's right, Perillas, who exploded preconceptions of Asian dining, is coming back to Somerville for good, per Patch Boston.

Previously, Perillas opened under the stewardship of James Choi, who operated the restaurant in a pop-up capacity at Bow Market for six months, beginning in October 2018. It was such a success that Choi extended the lease for another six months. When the year was up last fall, he began operating Perillas as a catering service with an eye to the future for a permanent location. It just so happens he has found his way back to Bow Market, where he inked a two-year deal to keep Perillas open in Somerville with an option for another year. The build your own bowl extravaganza will recommence in Somerville beginning this June!

For many, this is great news as many fan-favorite restaurants have been meeting their demise as of late. It is refreshing to see a restaurant that many claim to be their favorite perennially make its return, despite the odds stacked against it and other pop-up eating spots that are similar.

Fear not, lovers of Korean food who flocked to Perillas. You have a permanent place in Bow Market now. The pop-up is here to stay!

Image via Yelp/ Songyi W.