EVERETT - The new Encore Boston Harbor casino in Everett, Massachusetts hasn't even been open for a week yet and there have already been a series of arrests made at the new gambling and entertainment facility, because apparently we can't have nice things any more.

In most movies and television shows that involve stories about gambling and casinos, the crimes mostly have to do with people cheating at some of the casino’s games or trying to pull off some sort of heist. Unfortunately, George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Brad Pitt didn't roll up to the casino in an Ocean’s Eleven-esque heist of slick suits and cool haircuts. Instead, the criminals at Encore were more along the lines of Zach Galifiankis’ card-counting exploits in The Hangover. You take what you can get, I guess.

According to the Massachusetts State Police, two gamblers from New York were arrested on Encore’s first day of operations because they were accused of cheating at roulette. Now, I get how some people can cheat at poker or blackjack (we have a proud tradition of that in Massachusetts) or some card game like that. But I really don’t understand how people can cheat at roulette.

As for the other arrests, two people were said to be acting in a disorderly manner and trespassing at Encore, and for that, they were hauled off from the property. One other person was said to be in possession of heroin.

Since the opening day featured 50,000 people coming to gamble and check out Encore, there were bound to be some bad seeds in the bunch. It’s just a shame that there has to be a bit of tarnishing against Encore on what was supposed to be a very special time for the region.