Boston, MA - According to Boston CBS, there are currently dozens of people that were recently detained by federal immigration officials on a hunger strike. They are all currently residing in a Boston jail.

Though not much more information has been shared as of yet, there are a few factors many of us citizens are looking at.

As of now, two community groups have come forward to speak on the matter at hand. Both Alliance to Mobilize Our Resistance and the FANG Collective have been in contact with the approximate 65-75 detainees residing at the Suffolk County House of Correction located in Boston, Massachusetts. All detainees have told both community groups that they are currently on a hunger strike, which began on Friday, February 15, 2019.

Both organizations stated additional information that the detainees reported back to them. According to Boston CBS, the detainees claimed that they had been abused by several jail officials. Also, the detainees stated that the jail officials had been allowing the men to live under inhumane conditions, including bad food and issues with the bathrooms they were to use each day. They have yet to share additional information regarding the matter.

As of now, the jail officials have not come forward to give a public statement on the situation.

Arely Diaz, a spokesperson for the FANG collective, came forward to give a statement, saying that the FANG Collective would like to know and understand why the Suffolk County House of Correction has such authority to detain these men. According to WBUR News, Diaz and other members of the FANG Collective are demanding that the detainees be released and allowed back home to their families immediately.

In response to this statement, a spokesperson for the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department came forward to state that there was really no official hunger strike in observance, according to WBUR News. The situation is being heavily monitored, and proper response will happen if need be, but as of right now, the detainees are only refusing set meals; the men are still partaking of their canteen food, and they are still drinking a sufficient amount of fluids. (Photo via Suzanne Hinton via Flickr)