BOSTON - The past couple of months have been a boom time for video games, as a number of new installments for everyone’s favorite franchises have taken homes by storm. From shooting games to fighting games to even, if you can believe it, revolutionary takes on stalwart sports games, it is an excellent time to be a video game aficionado. And if you are a fan of all sorts of games and you live in the Boston area, it is about to get even better for you.

Coming at the end of February is the 2020 edition of PAX East, which will run from February 27 to March 1 on the weekend that ends the month in Massachusetts, per PlayStation. Located at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, this is one of the premier east coast events and showcases for upcoming games of the entire year. A population count attending in the six-digit range is anticipated for this year’s PAX East, which is slated to have a number of must-see exhibits.

PlayStation, one of the biggest names in gaming, recently announced its slate of previews and demos for PAX East 2020, which includes an exclusive first play of The Last of Us: Part II at booth #10047. Demos for games like Doom Eternal and Iron Man VR will also be provided, courtesy of PlayStation. For The Last of Us, developer Naughty Dog is unveiling public demos for the first time ever. Concept art, as well, was recently shared by IGN on Twitter.

It was also announced that the official gameplay of Baldur’s Gate 3 will be unveiled at PAX East, which is slated to be among the biggest draws of the entire weekend festival.

There is more than just PlayStation making their presence known at the 2020 exhibition, however. Mobile games, indie games, and games from other consoles, like the Nintendo Switch will also be featured. On top of it all, through panels, live shows, and gaming tournaments, there are plenty of ways to engage in all that PAX East will have to offer in Boston. Badges are available now!

Image via Flickr/Colin Taber