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Paul Pierce Joins the Cannabis Industry With New CBD Venture

Paul Pierce Joins the Cannabis Industry With New CBD Venture

BOSTON - Celtics legend Paul Pierce has had an extremely unconventional retirement ever since he hung up his sneakers. After becoming an NBA superstar for almost 20 seasons in the league, Pierce transitioned into being an analyst on ESPN. His controversial comments and penchant for telling bizarre stories have turned Pierce into a punching bag among NBA fans, but Pierce is rolling with the punches and beginning a brand new endeavor.

Pierce, nicknamed "The Truth," has joined up with Eaze Wellness to launch a brand new line of cannabis known as "The Truth CBD Remedies." Recreational cannabis was made legal in Massachusetts back during the 2016 election, but whether CBD is legally under the same umbrella as pot is a gray area. CBD is short for cannabidiol, an extract from cannabis plants that some believe helps those with trouble sleeping or who are experiencing great deal of pain and stress, though there is as of yet no scientific consensus. The CBD from Pierce's line is strongly tied to vaporizers and athletes are his target audience.

In a statement, Pierce explained his rationale behind The Truth CBD Remedies.He said, “I created The Truth CBD Remedies to offer athletes a product they’d not only enjoy, but fully trust. A reliable product I use myself. I’m passionate about making sure athletes have support before, during and after the main event."

Pierce also explained that he began using the drug when he was almost killed during a 2000 stabbing. He felt the cannabis helped treat the anxiety and depression he felt as a result of the event and he wants to help other athletes who have been through trauma or even just wear and tear.

Obviously, Pierce suffered a traumatic event that resulted in PTSD, but he found what best helped him and to try to pay that forward to other athletes is really noble and I hope "The Truth" finds more success in this endeavor than he did in his crusade against Dwayne Wade.