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Patriots Allegedly Shopping for Offers for Malcolm Mitchell

Patriots Allegedly Shopping for Offers for Malcolm Mitchell

Forborough, MA - New England Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell had one hell of a rookie season in 2016 when he was named one of the team's two starting wide receivers (alongside Julian Edelman) at the season's outset. His first touchdown was a fifty-six yarder from Tom Brady, and he wound up playing in fourteen of the team's game with just over four hundred yards receiving on thirty-two receptions and four touchdowns.

Mitchell's talent was imminently promising and a cause for excitement among the New England faithful. His seventy yard performance in the Patriots' fifth Super Bowl victory in franchise history, Super Bowl LI, had many fans clamoring for what his career would look like.

Unfortunately, fans were forced to wait even longer as Mitchell never played during the 2017 season after being placed on the injured reserve and receivers like Brandin Cooks and Chris Hogan stepped up in place of the hobbled wideout.

What was once a promising start to the career of a man who was potentially the next great Patriots receiver has come to a crashing halt as it is now being reported by Tom Pelissero that the Patriots are actively trying to trade the upcoming three year veteran. Insiders around the NFL claim that the Patriots are uninterested in pursuing the health tribulations of Mitchell any further.

The most recent development in Mitchell's ongoing health saga was reported by NFL Network's Ian Rapoport. Mitchell underwent a procedure on his knee to see if the healing process could be expediated, but this was not a surgery.

Ultimately, the injuries plaguing Mitchell's recovery process have been deemed too costly and too far gone for the Patriots to warrant keeping Mitchell around any longer.

I am reminded of Jed Lowrie, who was once a promising prospect for the Boston Red Sox who perpetually injured himself in peculiar manners and he was never able to capitalize on his flashes of brilliance. Mitchell, at one point, seemed like the offensive target of the future. Instead, he seems destined to become another sad story of a player who could not overcome his injuries.