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Patriots Redo Contract Agreements to Better Meet Salary Cap Considerations

Patriots Redo Contract Agreements to Better Meet Salary Cap Considerations

Foxborough, MA– After they arguably missed out on a number of key free agents during the off-season (namely Trey Flowers signing with the Detroit Lions and Adam Humphries avoiding making a deal with the Patriots), the New England Patriots have shifted their focus to soft restructuring actions towards the contracts of their own players that will alter the way they interact with the salary cap going forward.

The Patriots began this process on Wednesday with one of their defensive tackles, Lawrence Guy. Guy missed out on a 2018-19 playing time incentive that would have netted him $400,000 from the team, but the margin was so narrow that the Patriots opted to give him this money anyway, in the form of a bonus. The contract renegotiation resulted in the Patriots taking just under a $4.5 million dollar cap hit for the upcoming season.

New England acted similarly with a contract restructuring for their pass-catching running back, James White. Like Guy, White also narrowly missed out on certain incentives involving offensive snaps player and total yards recorded, but the Patriots gave him $250,000 as a bonus, instead. As for White's cap hit, he will cost just over $4.5 million dollars against it.

The Patriots also made a move to turn $8.5 million dollars from cornerback Stephon Gilmore's $9.5 million dollar contract into a signing bonus that will result in a cap hit for the team in 2020 and 2021, but does provide them with some much needed flexibility in 2019 as they currently have their sights set on re-signing kicker Stephen Gostkowski. The Gilmore move gave the Patriots cap space of just over eight million dollars, which was up from the $2.5 million dollars they had available before.

Lastly, the Patriots came to free agent retention agreements for a number of their players, but they primarily focused on a two-year, $10 million dollar deal with Jason McCourty and a one year deal worth just over $2.5 million dollars with Philip Dorsett. The Patriots are admirably building depth for the upcoming season with each of these moves!

Photo via Wikimedia by Bernard Gagnon