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Patriots Get Back to Winning Ways with 38-7 Drubbing of the Dolphins

Patriots Get Back to Winning Ways with 38-7 Drubbing of the Dolphins

Foxborough, MA - After a pair of troubling losses to the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Detroit Lions in consecutive weeks, the New England Patriots found their way back to victory against their divisional rivals, the Miami Dolphins, who were previously undefeated.

With the Patriots looking to stop the potential to be 1-3 and three games back in the AFC East in a home game against the team they're used to dominating whose record was more reflective of an easy schedule than anything, there was absolutely no way they could lose. Sure, there were potential scenarios that would warrant it, but any fan who knows Tom Brady and Bill Belichick knows that a loss would not happen. If it did, that is when panic would be justified.

First, the elephant in the room is Rob Gronkowski's ankle injury. Obviously, any injury for Gronk is a concern for the team and for the fanbase, but I believe that with the team already maintaining a huge lead in the game, he was removed from the game for precautionary reasons. I'd bet Gronk will be fine going forward.

The real story of the Patriots' 38-7 victory was their rushing game. With Rex Burkhead placed on injured reverse with a neck injury, a different Patriots running back was going to have to step back. Fortunately, New England had two rushers rise to the occasion.

James White, one of Brady's most trusted weapons, rushed eight times for forty-four yards and caught eight passes for sixty-eight yards, scoring two touchdowns along the way. Sony Michel led the ground game with 112 yards rushing and a touchdown on twenty-five attempts. If New England can sustain this rushing excellence, they'll definitely be a force to be reckoned with.

This is especially true when considering that they get Julian Edelman back next week against the Indianapolis Colts. Not to mention, Brady's continued progress to build a rapport with his receivers as Cordarrelle Patterson and Phillip Dorsett both scored touchdowns today. With the defense almost pitching a shutout on top of all of this, the Patriots look in top form as they head into Thursday night's matchup with the Colts.