Foxborough, MA - Things went from bad to worse for the New England Patriots during Sunday Night Football yesterday as they lost to the Detroit Lions, who are widely considered to be one of the worst teams in the NFL currently. The Lions improved to 1-2 while the Patriots fell to 1-2 and two games back of the Miami Dolphins, who are currently undefeated, for the division lead in the AFC East. Now, before anyone cries panic and begins pointing to this article ten weeks from now when the Patriots inevitably figure things out and I'm somehow blamed as someone who doubted the beloved football team of the northeast, I just want to make it clear that I believe the Patriots should still be favorites to win their division. (I mean, they have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, how could they not be?) I just want to make it clear to Patriots fans that there is cause for concern, just not as much as they be thinking on this Monday morning.

When the Patriots had an embarassing loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in primetime, fans thought that the era of greatness was over. And despite the team winning a Super Bowl in that same season, these thoughts have emerged once again. Only now, with Brady over the age of forty-one and with arguably his least talented core of offensive players surrounding him, the concerns seem a bit more justified.

This loss has a strong potential to be overblown, though. As the former defensive coordinator of the Patriots, Matt Patricia, the current head coach of the Lions, knew the weaknesses of the Patriots on offense and on defense, and he also knew how to exploit them. The loss could be chalked up to just that.

Not to mention, it'll be much more exciting when Belichick and offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels return to the drawing board in two weeks with the potential to have Julian Edelman back as a slot receiver and Josh Gordon as an outside threat opposite Chris Hogan.

The Patriots fell to the Lions 26-10 on Sunday with their sole touchdown coming on a pass from Brady to James White. But there's no reason to panic for Patriots fans. At least not yet.