Boston,  MA - At times it feel as though all other football fans, players, announcers, and even mascots loathe the New England Patriots.

During Pro Bowl practices in Orlando, Florida, there was an unexpected occurrence on the field. New York Jets Safety Jamal Adams said onlookers were booing Patriot Pat when Adams decided to tackle the mascot in what he calls a "joke." The joke is on Jamal who will NOT be at the Superbowl, whereas Pat will, despite his visit to the hospital.

Adams thought it was a good idea to get up from his seat, state that he was going to go tackle the mascot and run off in the mascot’s direction. Soon enough, Adams crashed into Pat Patriot and the two ended up on the ground, to where Pat rolled over onto his stomach all curled up.

The next day, reports stated that Pat Patriot landed in the hospital. Once word got out to the public, the NFL started to repeatedly call Adams about the situation. According to Adams, the NFL was not happy with him right now. Adams tweeted on Wednesday, “This one is for every Patriots hater out there! I got ya’ll,” but later stated that he did not mean to put him in the hospital. The NFL urged him to go visit the Pats mascot, to make sure he was okay, and Adams agreed this was the right thing to do. Adams went on to state that he had never had any intention of hurting the mascot.

Later, word was released that the unidentified person playing as Pat Patriot was going to be okay, that he was just “sore.” He even later tweeted, “Hate us ‘cause they ain’t us.”

Reports have yet to state if a potential assault and battery case will be placed on Adams. The New England Patriots have not stated if they are pressing charges, but they have come forward to tell the public that they are letting the NFL handle the situation.

The Super Bowl LIII will air live on Sunday, February 3, 2019, and will take place in Atlanta, Georgia.