BOSTON - When you think about all the fun wintry activities that you want to do this season, a lot of them probably sound quite charming. From curling up with a cup of hot cocoa and watching It's a Wonderful Life to building a snowman with your family to having a blast at your office Christmas party, it is the season for tradition.

One tradition that has permeated the culture of New York so deeply that it has become popularized the world over is the annual return of an outdoor ice skating rink.

Ice skating obviously does not solely occur in New York, but the rink at 30 Rockefeller Plaza is an iconic one nonetheless. And while Fenway's 401 Park may not be privy to a Christmas tree as tall as a skyscraper and slew of Rockettes, it will be receiving an outdoor ice skating rink this winter season located right beside the Time Out Market on the corner of Park Drive and Brookline Avenue.

In a sense, it is a perfect spot to open an ice skating rink because the aesthetic is absolutely perfect. An artist rendering shows 401 Park as a winter wonderland with ice skaters having the time of their lives. How fun does that sound?

The rink will not only be open to public skaters, but it will also host competitions and lessons, as well as live music. And it's not just a one-year deal either. According to organizers, the rink is part of an effort to transform the entire area into a year-round destination for residents and tourists alike.

In the summer, it will play host to concerts and games. And in the winter, ice skaters will descend upon the park, according to the Boston Globe.

Additionally, in the rest of the surrounding spots, there is also a transformation ongoing to make the entire block a hub of activity. Part of this development is the pop-up Friends experience.

So brush off those ice skates and get ready to enjoy all that winter has to offer because this rink is opening in December!