Two people were shot and killed this past weekend in a shooting in Brighton, Massachusetts.

The overnight shooting happened late Friday night, just past 1 a.m., in the area of the Oak Square neighborhood in Brighton. On a normal night, and under normal circumstances, the Oak Square neighborhood is relatively quiet.

John Flagg, a citizen of the area, confirmed that the area was pretty quiet most of the time, even considering a several college students live in the neighborhood. Flagg also stated that it’s rather surprising that such an event could take place in such a good neighborhood; He went on to say that he may not understand the motive behind it, but he guesses that something as horrid as this could happen anywhere, given the reputation of shootings lately.

The police and several detectives worked on the case all throughout Saturday morning, getting statements from several people and searching the surrounding areas. Certain forensic investigators were intrigued by a Jeep and a truck parked on directly across the street from one another near Dunboy Street. This is where they started their research.

NBC10 Boston claimed to see investigators watching a specific multi-family home near the intersection of Dunboy Street and Bracket Street. The team over at NBC10 Boston suspected that the investigators were waiting to get a search warrant to enter the house. Witnesses told investigators that they had heard gunfire in the area of said streets, and that they had seen bodies lying on the road.

Cassidy Bayen, a witness to the shooting, stated that he thought the loud noises were fireworks, but they clearly weren’t. Another witness, Jake Bailly, stated that he saw flashing lights, and when he went to look outside, he saw countless people standing around a few bodies.

The victims have yet to be identified, and the police have yet to find a motive behind the shooting. Boston police officers are in the process of investigating this horrible crime. Faneuil Hall is now reopened, after partially being shut down for the entire day. No additional information is available at this time.