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Over 20 Car Tires Slashed in Dorchester, Sources Say

Over 20 Car Tires Slashed in Dorchester, Sources Say

Dochester, MA - The Boston Police Department is investigating the heinous and seemingly pointless act of destruction in Dorchester. According to sources, tires of over a dozen vehicles were slashed and completely deflated this past Wednesday, October 3.

Some police reports have come in, and according to the ones that have, over 20 vehicles were vandalized yesterday. However, that was a rough estimate of the number of vehicles that were reported; according to officials, reports were still coming in as the hours passed. On most of the cases, all four tires were slashed and deflated.

Cars that were parked on the following streets seemed to be the target areas for
slashing and deflating:

  • Topliff Street
  • Speedwell Street
  • Bowdoin Street
  • Geneva Avenue

In most, though not all, of the cases, the sidewalls of the tires were damaged beyond repair, forcing owners to replace the tires entirely; the damage just couldn’t be repaired.

One of the car owners, Priscilla Sezer, came forward to give a statement. She said that most of the car owners had to pump their tires using a bike pump, patch up all visible holes, and drive their cars a few blocks down the road to the local tire shop.
Other than tires, the vandals only touched one additional car in a different way; according to police reports, one specific car had their windshield smashed. This vehicle was parked on Speedwell Street.

According to one of the residents in the surrounding neighborhood, a suspicious person riding a bicycle was seen roaming the area at approximately 5 a.m. on Wednesday morning.

Most of the vehicles had to be placed up on blocks while waiting for a new solution, whether that solution was to make their way down to the tire shop or wait for a tow truck to bring their vehicle in.

The person who slashed and deflated the tires is yet to be found. If anyone knows anything regarding the situation, they are encouraged to contact the Boston Police Department directly to get this matter resolved.