BOSTON – Beginning Friday, the Orange Line will shut down between Sullivan Square and Tufts Medical due to planned repairs and upgrades previously announced by the MBTA.

The shut down is planned for 8:45 p.m. on October 4, giving riders most of the day before they will have to seek alternate routes, as confirmed by the Boston Herald.

The 6-week shut-down on the Orange Line comes as part of the MBTA’s 5-year plan to improve services overall, as they plan to address much needed repairs and make upgrades to the subway, trains and ferries in an effort to streamline the outdated transport service.

The repairs couldn't come at a better time. Just days ago, the leaf of a door on the Orange Line opened while the subway car was in motion. All of the bump stops on doors are expected to be repaired.

“We understand it’s an inconvenience,”  MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak said of the shut down plans back in August.

“We heard loud and clear that folks wanted a faster pace and they wanted to see results.”

Adding, “While we acknowledge major diversions in regular service can be inconvenient, these shutdowns are needed to execute an investment plan of this size and expedite completion of this work."

During the six weeks, crews plan to remove and replace more than two thousand feet of subway tracks of the Orange Line, clean and repaint.

The 5-year repair plan for the MBTA will cost a reported $8 billion as previously shared by Governor Charlie Baker.

"This is an area in which the Commonwealth sat on its hands for far too many years, and we're all playing catch up and paying the price for it," Gov. Baker said back in January.

"Over the course of the next five years, the T plans to spend over $8 billion on infrastructure ... This is more than twice what has ever been spent by the T in any five-year period of time."

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Edward Orde