CHESTNUT HILL – If you were to survey the population of the United States and ask what each person whether or not they like ice cream, you are likelier to reach a unanimous response of "yes" than you are with practically every other food. Even many of my lactose intolerant friends say that while they try to avoid dairy, they can't eliminate ice cream.

The OddFellows ice cream shop in Massachusetts' Chestnut Hill village has taken everything we love about ice cream and fusing it with something else that people also love to consume, as they have been doing since 2013.

Now, OddFellows has finally brought the boozy menu items they're known for to the Newton location, after opening with just ice cream flavors in August. In terms of the sort of drinks you can have that come with ice cream, there will be plenty of alcoholic floats and frappes available, as well as pommeau drinks with ice cream and alcoholic poured over the top of it. Additionally, wines, stouts, and local beers will adorn the menu, alongside popular treats like a waffle cone crumble. The most popular boozy, dairy drinks will likely be their espresso martinis and Irish coffees, which can also come with the customer's choice of ice cream or sorbet.

After opening six years ago in Brooklyn, New York, OddFellows has made a name for itself as one of the hippest and most modern new ice cream locations in the country. With such massive success in the borough, OddFellows opted to branch out earlier this year into a location on The Street in Chestnut Hill, located directly below Legal Seafood.

There are so many new ice cream places to try at any given time, but what sets OddFellows apart from the competition is not their delicious ice cream flavors and plentiful toppings (though, those are quite the added benefits), but rather the experimental nature with which the culinary connoisseurs have transformed their menu into one which also includes alcoholic drinks.

Photo by Mark Cruz on Unsplash