BOSTON - Northeastern University plans to make security modifications to the Renaissance Park garage following a Christmas Day tragedy.

On Christmas Day, a mother pushed her two children off of the nine-story parking garage before taking her own life.

Prior to the Christmas Day double murder-suicide, Renaissance Park garage was also the site of two other suicides that took place on May 20 and December 9.

Following the December 9 tragedy, Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins shared in a recent press conference that she reached out to the university in regards to the parking garage.

"I don't know what else has to happen in order for this to be handled or taken more seriously," Rollins told reporters when speaking about the deaths on Christmas Day.

Now after five deaths, the university has decided to increase security on the top two levels of the garage, add signage, and video surveillance, a move that many believe is not enough. The university also plans to make “structural modifications", but did not go into detail in regards to what that would entail.

"Following Wednesday's tragic incident, the university has indefinitely blocked both pedestrian and vehicular access to the top two floors of the Renaissance Park garage," Northeastern University spokesperson Shannon Nargi said.

Adding, ”This restricted access will continue until a permanent solution is implemented. In addition, effective immediately, there will be 24-hour security staffing in place to monitor the Renaissance Park garage."

Image via Wikimedia Commons