Boston, MA - By any metropolitan cities’ standards, fifteen years is a fairly impressive run for a night life entity. In case you forgot what happened in 2004, the Red Sox won the World Series for the first time in 86 years. Rialto was still open. Government shutdowns were practically unheard of. And you could actually pretend to like the music of Hoobastank without any rightful sense of utter embarrassment.

Now after fifteen years manning the far end of Atlantic Avenue, the Living Room has called it a day

In a post earlier this week on their Facebook page, management stated the following:

“It is with a heavy heart that we announce that this will be our final week here at The Living Room due to leasing problems. We would like to thank our past and current staff for all of their hard work and our patrons for their support over the past 15 years! Please come by this week and toast to the end of an era.....
We would like to invite everyone to come see us and celebrate the end of an era.
Our final evening will be the Saturday the 19th.”

When the Living Room opened in 2004, it offered patrons a unique experience in Boston nightlife; four star dining from the likes of Soinsie’s Anthony Mezzetti; an innovative martini list far before the current trend of today’s “anything goes” concoctions; a bustling night club setting; and a casual atmosphere complete with plush sitting couches that reflected the choice of its namesake. How casual? Let’s just say pets and pajamas were frequently encouraged.

“We were pioneers in the restaurant/bar/lounge scene” told founder John Hauck to North End Waterfront earlier this week. “We offered a great selection of American and global comfort food, plus a nice list of creative martinis and mixed drinks to serve our guests. After we finally got our 2:00 AM license, we added DJ’s and dancing. No one ever thought of putting couches in a bar in those days.”

Hauck has yet to indicate what future plans might be; only to note that he’s currently trying to find placement for the roughly 30 odd employees currently working there.

The Living Room is located at 101 Atlantic Ave in Boston.
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