Boston, MA - The first snowfall of this winter season has come our way this week, and many cities on the East Coast are trying their best to prepare themselves.

According to weather reports, a storm was set to start developing yesterday afternoon in the Gulf Coast. It traveled towards the East Coast yesterday evening and should continue all day today. The weather reports are stating that the storm will bring us rain, freezing rain, snow, and sleet throughout the South and Northeast.

A mixture of snow and ice surprised Mississippi on Wednesday morning, causing a bus to crash. Two people were killed due to this incident and 44 others were seriously injured. The bus was initially headed to a casino in Tunica, Mississippi. The bus took off from Huntsville, Alabama.

The storm was said to gather strength on Wednesday night, while it was passing the eastern Gulf Coast. The result of this was said to be heavy rain in both Georgia and Tennessee. The Ohio Valley is said to see a bit of snow and ice, too.

The storm is said to travel to the Southeast early this morning, bringing heavy rain to Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina. Dangerous flooding may be a side effect to the storm for these states. The Appalachian Mountains and the Ohio Valley are said to have snow, rain, and freezing rain.

By this afternoon, the storm is said to move up the coast and hit as far as Washington D.C., with snow to be expected. New York City will catch wind of this portion of the storm, too. Several hours of snow are said to be predicted in these areas, in which the snow will then turn to rain and sleet.

According to weather reports, Washington, Philadelphia, and New York City are all to get less than 1 inch of snow. Other areas, such as Philadelphia, western New York, and most of New England will have temperatures cold enough to have snow, sleet, and freezing rain. Up to 2 inches will reach Boston. All areas west of Boston may get up to 3 inches. Some other areas of the Northeast may get up to 6 inches.