EVERETT – In an early episode of Arrested Development, Jason Bateman's character, Michael, sees a bag in his refrigerator labeled, "Dead Dove. Do Not Eat." Curiously, he opens the bag, sees the dead dove, and remarks, "I'm not sure what I expected."

Sometimes, I wonder if that is how the Massachusetts officials who opposed the introduction of casinos into the state feel whenever they open the newspaper and see the latest story of riff raff at the Encore casino in Everett.

Encore Boston Harbor got off to a rocky start when it opened back in June as many people were arrested and banned for physicals altercations with other guests and for cheating the system in some of the games, respectively. Just last month, three fights broke out in the casino and they led to two arrests. Encore itself was also accused of short-changing gamblers and finding ways around paying them the money they had won. It was a controversial summer for the fledgling casino, but people still returned to it nonetheless.

And they returned with gusto. Just over the weekend, a massive brawl dominated the Encore-related headlines as it resulted in nine people being arrested.

From Friday, September 13 to Sunday, September 15, Everett police had their hands full with these nine arrests, which began with a big fight in the valet area. In the party were people from Lowell and three of them were arrested on charges of assault and battery. One of the people in this group was also arrested under the charge of a drug offense.

Drug possession was also the charge levied against one of the other five people who were arrested over the course of the three-day period. Trespassing and resisting arrest were among some of the other charges that resulted in nine total people hauled out from Encore.

It is quite a mark, but hopefully, the coming weekends will not result in any groups of people attempting to break that record of nine arrests.

Image via Wikimedia Commons / Sreyan Sarkar