Brookline, MA - Newbury College will be closing its doors for good at the end of this upcoming school year.

The liberal arts institution has come across some financial constraints over the past few semesters, and because of this, the college will be required to close in Spring 2019. In addition, the demographics that Newbury College was expected to see were not met. This will be the second reasoning for why the institution must close its doors for good.

Newbury College President Joseph Chillo stated in an interview that he was not shocked that the financial challenges have risen in recent years, especially considering liberal arts colleges throughout the country have been facing similar struggles. He went on to state that Newbury College will not be an exception to this brutal fact. The decision was not made abruptly or lightly. In fact, it was a rather difficult decision and choice to make amongst all the school’s officials. After a tremendous fight and effort to keep the school going, the leaders and staff members had to step down and announce a formal closing.

All operations will no longer exist at Newbury College after the end of the Spring 2019 semester.

Newbury College President Chillo, along with all staff members from the college, decided in a group effort that it would be best to announce the closing of the school sooner rather than later; it would only be the right and fair thing to do, as most have stated.

All professors and appropriate officials from Newbury College will be working with students from the college to ensure they are accepted by admissions from other colleges. Officials will make sure that each student has the opportunity to continue their education at the next school of their choice unless they are to graduate this upcoming semester.

Newbury College was founded back in 1962, and it has taught a countless number of students on numerous different liberal arts topics, amongst other subjects. The college currently enrolls 625 students. Their alumni basis is approximately 14,000, not including the upcoming graduates of the class of 2019.

Newbury College will be sad to close its doors this upcoming year, according to school officials.