BOSTON - Logan Airport has been in the news recently because of the planned expansions coming to the hub of Boston, Massachusetts, and New England air travel. With multi-year renovations planned for the airport as a whole, major impacts are expected to be felt throughout the city as the airport becomes something new entirely by the end of 2023. One of these major changes has already begun to take place as Southwest Airlines is in a state of major flux currently, as reported by WHDH.

Last week, it was announced that once January 6, 2020 rolls around, Southwest is going to end their nonstop flight services between Boston and Atlanta, Georgia, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and Kansas City, Missouri. Southwest claimed that these flights were not popular enough to warrant further upkeep and that other routes would receive more of a focus. Additionally, as a part of the renovations planned for Terminal B at Logan Airport (Terminal E’s international flights are also anticipating an overhaul), Southwest will relocate from Logan’s Terminal A to B as of this Thursday, August 29.

The changes are going to keep coming for a long time at Logan and, currently, it remains to be seen just how much of an impact they are going to have on things like wait time, lines, and traffic. But recently, Logan Airport has earned a ton of goodwill in these departments.

I remember going to Logan as a kid and having to get to the airport three hours before the flight’s departure time because of how long the lines for security were expected to be. However, in the myriad flights I have taken out of Logan in the past two years, security wait times have decreased exponentially and I can often be just fine if I arrive at the airport an hour ahead of time instead.

This anecdotal evidence was recently supported by an Upgraded Points-conducted survey that evaluated the average wait times for TSA at major American airports. Of the 25 busiest airports in the nation, the survey found that Logan Airport clocked in at just over ten minutes of wait time for getting checked by security, which was good for third place in the nation. The study also found that late Thursday mornings at Logan see an average of three minute wait times, while early Friday evenings see wait times that approach an hour.

The slowest airport of those surveyed was in Newark, New Jersey and the only two airports to rank ahead of Logan were in Salt Lake City, Utah and Washington, D.C., respectively.

Photo cred: Mr.TinDC via Flickr