SANDY HOOK, CT – The following video public service announcement and the general description of it in this article contain graphic references and images related to school shootings. If these elements might disturb or upset you in any way, or if you have young children in the room, then you should definitely opt not to watch it.

This December, seven years will have passed since the unfathomable school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut. According to Vox, there have been 2,229 mass shootings since Sandy Hook.

After the shooting at Sandy Hook, many vowed to pursue stricter gun regulation laws in the United States and many vowed that Sandy Hook would never be allowed to happen again. But it has happened. Again and again and again and again.

In recent months, there have been renewed efforts around a number of hot-button issues that are politically pressing in a run-up year to an election. This week has seen a number of climate change-related strikes spring up around the globe because so many are dissatisfied with their government's inadequate response to the threat.

Likewise, efforts for stronger gun regulations are making headlines. The video below, which is entitled, "Back-To-School Essentials | Sandy Hook Promise" shows that in spades.

Even though it is unthinkable that videos like these still have to be made seven years later, I suppose it is at least better than saying nothing at all. The video comes from the "Know the Signs" campaign that is calling upon members of the community to help stop school shootings "before they happen."

Many of the scenes included in the video are harrowing and would hopefully serve as a wake-up call. It went viral after its Today show debut this week. And that's what some senators, including Connecticut's Chris Murphy, were hoping. Murphy tweeted: "Today is the day to ask yourself what you are going to do to help stop school shootings."

Yes, it's almost been seven years since the Sandy Hook shooting. But no one has been able to forget the tragic shattering of that day.