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New Look Kyrie Irving Leads Celtics Resurgence

New Look Kyrie Irving Leads Celtics Resurgence

Boston, Massachusetts - After a 93-90 loss to the Orlando Magic where the offense of the Boston Celtics looked humdrum and the strong starting lineup of the team looked very vulnerable and not the juggernauts that fans and analysts expected them to be, the Celtics managed to string together a three game winning streak for themselves.

From the outset of Boston's game against the Oklahoma City Thunder after the Magic match, it seemed like there were going to be some real questions to answer as Russell Westbrook led the Thunder to a sixteen point lead at halftime. Going off for twenty-four points, though, was Jayson Tatum who helped lead the Celtics comeback all the way to a 101-95 victory.

Another road game for Boston brought them to Detroit to square off against the Pistons and they managed to secure a twenty-point victory by a score of 109-89. The scoring was spread out, but two lower key players stepped up to add nineteen and eighteen points, respectively, between Jaylen Brown and Marcus Morris.

The main storyline coming out of this game was how ineffective Kyrie Irving seemed to be, which was a true concern, especially when considering that Irving is easily Boston's best player, but some fans felt that this was beginning to waver. Against Detroit, Irving only managed three points and five assists with Marcus Smart picking up the slack in dimes.

And while Hayward continuously plays towards becoming his old self again, it seemed like Kyrie was regressing. When the Celtics returned to Boston, though, to host Detroit for a quick rematch, Kyrie was not looking like his old self. A haircut and newfound strength resulted in an offensive explosion for the point guard as he put up five assists and five rebounds, in addition to thirty-one points.

Hopefully, Irving will be able to carry this momentum into upcoming games as the Celtics are now just one and a half games back in the Atlantic Division behind the Toronto Raptors. Boston will not play on Halloween night, but they are back in action tomorrow night against the Milwaukee Bucks at home!