WOODSTOCK – We are currently in the throes of the last week of October and while there are still plenty of chances to get in some last minute spookiness and tourism of New England’s scariest attractions, many people have completed their Halloween goals for the year and are solely looking forward to trick-or-treating at this point. For those of you who are already looking ahead to winter festivities, there are plenty of those, as well. For example, we previously wrote about the train ride based on The Polar Express that was coming to New England. Now, there is an old favorite that is officially coming back to New Hampshire.

In the lovely town of Woodstock, New Hampshire, there exists a beautiful sight that can turn one of the dreariest seasons into one of the most wonder-filled for you and the people you spend time with this holiday season.

For the past six years, New Hampshire’s Ice Castles have been one of the top destinations to spend time in during the winter months. Comprised of over twenty million pounds of pure ice, the castles are designed in a way that allows for people to play, explore, and have fun in the display that resembles a fortress of royalty. But of course, made entirely of ice. Included in the past six years of the Ice Castles opening in New Hampshire are slides, fountains, and lights and music. Additionally, no castle would be complete without a throne. The Ice Castles show us what life would be like if the Night King proved victorious in Game of Thrones by providing an ice throne.

The organization behind the Ice Castles has seen visitor attendance enter into the six figures and officially announced last week that they would be returning to New Hampshire for the sixth straight season. Work is projected to begin in November on the display with a slated opening date occurring sometime in January. New features to the Castles will include a sleigh ride and a ice-covered walking path that will be perfect for photo opportunities.

It sounds like a pure fun way to spend a winter day!

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash